A new kind of creative thinker

Each Seattle Waldorf student’s journey builds their determination and courage—as they pursue questions, find answers and take action.


Modern minds ignited by tradition

Waldorf education is nearly a century old and works with a child’s head, heart and hands to develop each student’s innate talents and abilities.


Intellectual agility in a complex world

Our students learn how to know themselves, synthesize both minute data and big ideas, and tackle challenges with confidence.

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  • Jan 25
    Angst Movie Screening
    7:00 pm - Hazel Hall, High School Campus
  • Jan 31
    Parent Education Evening with Douglas Gerwin
    7:00 pm - Huckleberry Hall, Meadowbrook Campus
  • Feb 2
    Grade 11 Play - The Cherry Orchard
    4:00 pm - Hazel Hall, High School Campus
  • Feb 3
    Grade 11 Play - The Cherry Orchard
    3:30 pm - Hazel Hall, High School Campus
  • Feb 3
    Grade 11 Play - The Cherry Orchard
    7:00 pm - Hazel Hall, High School Campus
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Inside SWS

  • Taking Up the Challenge

    Defining moments in childhood — piercing, sometimes heart-wrenching memories of transformative events that shaped history — mark many of our lives and our understanding of our world. For my children, that will likely be the September 11 attacks on the World... Read more →

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"I am so impressed by the way students are able to support each other rather than compete. My daughter was climbing a rope, and there was her friend down below saying “look at what she can do.”" 1st Grade Parent
"I love that technology is held at bay before high school. I believe that children will learn all the computer skills they need to know later in life. In the grades, I see electronics as distractions from the essential elements of learning, focusing on style over substance." Kindergarten Parent