A new kind of creative thinker

Each Seattle Waldorf student’s journey builds their determination and courage—as they pursue questions, find answers and take action.


Modern minds ignited by tradition

Waldorf education is nearly a century old and works with a child’s head, heart and hands to develop each student’s innate talents and abilities.


Intellectual agility in a complex world

Our students learn how to know themselves, synthesize both minute data and big ideas, and tackle challenges with confidence.

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  • Dec 2
    Grade School Tour
    8:30 am - Grade School Campus
  • Dec 6
    Winter Faire
    9:30 am - Grade School Campus
  • Dec 9
    Grade School Tour
    8:30 am - Grade School Campus
  • Dec 11
    High School Tour
    8:30 am - High School Campus
  • Jan 11
    Early Childhood Open House
    12:30 pm - Grade School Campus, Briar Rose and Marigold Classrooms
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Inside SWS

  • Kind Kids Or A Clean House?

    Twenty-seven years ago I was sitting in the waiting room of my obstetrician’s office, perusing the standard selection magazines on the table beside me. I came across a cartoon depicting a somber group gathered around a gravesite, saying their goodbyes... Read more →

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"Seattle Waldorf School is a tremendous antidote for our over-wired world. The young people I know in SWS high school are perched on the threshold of adulthood with strong morals, developing practical and analytical skills and a connection to the essential magic of our world. They are fledging citizens and leaders. I look forward to their impact on our future." High School Parent
"I appreciate that Waldorf education is time tested and the faculty doesn’t have to tailor their teaching to the latest “flavor of the month” with regard to evolving standards and educational fashions." Kindergarten Parent