Admission FAQ

Following are answers to common questions regarding our admissions process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions that are not answered below.

  • When should we begin the application process?

    Families should begin their applications in the fall one year before they wish to enroll. The application deadline for the 2019-2020 school year is January 15, 2019.

  • As part of the application, will our student have an opportunity to visit the school?

    Applicants to the kindergarten are scheduled for a half-hour morning visit to the kindergarten with their parents.

    For grades 2-12, student visit days are scheduled between January and March, once we have received a completed application for admission. Visitors participate in regular class activities and discussions. After the application is processed, parents are contacted to schedule a parent interview and student visit day.

  • What should we expect in the interview?

    Parents of preschool and kindergarten applicants meet with the Admissions Director for about 45 minutes.

    Applicants to first grade are assessed by a teacher while parents meet with the Admissions committee for about 40 minutes.

    Parents of second through twelfth grade applicants meet with the Admissions committee for about 40 minutes, during their student’s visit day.

  • What constitutes a completed application?

    In addition to the parent portion of the application (and student essay for high school applicants), a completed application file includes a teacher evaluation (two for older students), a school transcript and/or copies of report cards as applicable, and copies of standardized test results as applicable.

  • How are admission decisions made?

    For preschool and kindergarten applicants, we are seeking families who value our early childhood philosophy and seek a school that will provide a healthy, balanced and nurturing childhood experience.

    Seattle Waldorf School considers the whole child in the application process, though we expect applicants in middle school and beyond to be proven and motivated. While evidence of achievement and motivation is essential, admission to the school is not just about numbers. The school welcomes independent thinkers and looks closely at each applicant, carefully weighing all facets. Seattle Waldorf presents extraordinary opportunities for its students to thrive and achieve, and seeks students who will take full advantage of these opportunities.

  • When will we know if admission is offered?

    Seattle Waldorf School agrees to the common admission notification dates established by Puget Sound Independent Schools. For admission to the 2019-20 academic year, the notification date will be February 22, 2019 for high school applicants, and March 15, 2019 for all other applicants. The parent/guardian response (confirmation and deposit) is due by March 1, 2019 for high school and March 22, 2019 for all others.

  • What happens when my child is placed in the wait pool?

    When an applicant is considered to be a good fit for the program, but space is not available, the applicant is placed in the wait pool. Typically, we offer places to students in the wait pool within the first two weeks to one month after notification. However, occasionally an opening may occur in late spring or summer, so it is important to keep us informed of your continued interest in Seattle Waldorf and updated with any changes to your contact information. A wait pool applicant does not have a specific place in the wait pool, but will be offered an available space based on the class composition.

  • Is financial aid available?

    Seattle Waldorf School is committed to providing need-based financial aid to qualifying families. Financial aid awards are available for families with children enrolled in grades 1 through 12 who have submitted all required documents by the deadlines determined by the school. Please visit the Financial Aid page for more information.

  • What are common entry points at Seattle Waldorf School?

    For the 2019-20 school year, we expect approximately 20 preschool openings and 15 kindergarten openings. We typically see a few new students entering at grade 6. We also have an entry point at grade 9 (typically 15-17 spaces), and limited spaces in other grades. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information about current openings.

  • How old does my child need to be for each grade?

    For preschool, children should be 2.5 by September 1.
    For the mixed-age kindergarten, children should be 4 by June 1.
    For first grade, children should be 6 by June 1.