End of the Week Update, 3/21/14

March 23, 2014 in Inside SWS
Happy Spring!

It’s wonderful to see the daffodils in bloom and tulips emerging. Despite the chilly temperatures, it’s evident we are moving into that season of birth and renewal. I see children of all ages filled with the energy that sunshine and and the promise of summer bring.

Last evening we gathered with parents of the rising first grade class and our newest faculty member, Julie  Driscall, who will take that class forward in the fall.  Parents around the circle shared why they chose Waldorf education, specifically SWS, for their child. Time and time again I heard their fervent wish for children to have the opportunity to play, explore, create, discover – to just be kids. Not at the expense of becoming well educated, but in tandem with developing the capacities and knowledge they need to find their way in the world with confidence and joy. I was reminded of an article I recently read on the importance of play. Titled, Give Childhood Back to Children it makes a compelling case for this approach – our approach – to education and child development. Psychologist and Boston College professor Peter Gray writes, “The most important skills that children everywhere must learn in order to live happy, productive, moral lives are skills that cannot be taught in school. Such skills cannot be taught at all. They are learned and practiced by children in play. These include the abilities to think creatively, to get along with other people and cooperate effectively, and to control their own impulses and emotions.”  Sound familiar? Yes!

I look forward to seeing many of you this weekend, whether at Inspire, the senior play* or on the ultimate field – go play!


*You can see a 2-minute, student-produced trailer for the senior play here.  The play is appropriate for grade 7 and up.

A few other events to keep on your radar:
  • Monday, March 24 at 9:15 am:  Tea with Nettie and Tracy – all are welcome to join us. (Kinderhaus)
  • Thursday, April 3 at 6:30 pm:  Parent Association Meeting – Join us as we learn from Jeff Doolittle about Biodynamic gardening. (Huckleberry Hall)
  • Monday, April 7 at 6:00 pm:  “A healthy brain is a brain that is receptive to learning.” Join the Affinity Group around Learning Challenges for a presentation that will include topics such as right brain vs left brain learners, autism, executive brain function. All are welcome. (Garden House, grade school campus)