End of Week Update, 11/2/13

November 03, 2013 in Inside SWS

What a week! The fact that this update is coming out a day later than planned is just one indication of how busy things were for children and adults, not to mention Halloween thrown in for good measure. While I appreciate gaining the extra hour this weekend, I think an additional day might be needed!

I thought it might be interesting to share a couple of highlights from my week, which capture why I so love and believe in our work at SWS.

  • From Marisha Plotnik’s (visiting from the Rudolf Steiner School, NYC) presentation on high school math curriculum: “We don’t use a math textbook – it is like a corpse, filled with dead material. Our role is to bring the awe, wonder and beauty of math to life. When a students asks, ‘Will I ever use what we are studying?’ I answer, ‘Never.’ Our work is to develop thinking capacity, which is what makes us divinely human. Our task is to develop in students an inspiration toward conscious human activity.”
  • From a conversation with an alumni parent, whose third and last child completed the grade school last year: “I am so deeply grateful for what Seattle Waldorf has given my children. Never could I have imagined what an impact this school would have on them, and on our family. It is just an amazing place in every way.”
  • From an email from a high school teacher: “I want to share a comment made by a student. ‘This is the only school I’ve been where nobody cheats.’ This is interesting and quite remarkable. A culture in which students don’t cheat is very difficult to achieve and a testament to an atmosphere of learning and support for individual effort.”

Also notable
On Monday night more than 80 parents, faculty and guests gathered at Magnuson Park to tour Building 11 and learn more about the relocation of our high school program. For those who were not able to attend, materials presented that evening are available here. High school students will travel to the park on Friday and have an opportunity to share their ideas and feedback as well as explore the area.

On Wednesday we hosted the area Waldorf school administrators for our fall meeting. We gather three times a year to share ideas and explore areas for collaboration, including marketing, curriculum development, professional learning and regional events and festivals. (Can you name them all?!)

Coming up
Monday: High School Curriculum Night at 6:00 pm (current HS parents)
Tuesday: Parent Information Session for Middle School musical at 6:00 pm
Wednesday: Grade School Open House on Wednesday at 6:30 pm
Thursday: VIP Tour at the High School on Thursday at 8:30 am
Friday: HS student visit to Magnuson Park (leaving after Main Lesson)
And Lantern Walks galore!

Hoping the trees remain upright and lights on during this blustery weekend!