End of Week Update, 11/18/13

November 18, 2013 in Inside SWS

Dear All,

This week was a short one, but it brought us very helpful information on internet safety as well as a lovely community gathering, complete with Italian dinner, to discuss the future of the Parent Association.

Staying safe online…
On Wednesday night we had the pleasure to listen to Lori Getz, a cyber educator from California. Earlier that day she had visited grades 6 to 12 to talk about using technology and the danger of “over sharing, over friending and over connectedness.” During the evening she shared the information she had presented for the different ages, and she took us on the same journey, but now from the parents’ perspective. Some of us were amazed to learn what is going on in cyberland – what apps are available and how fast this new generation adapts to all the possibilities out there. We had the feeling that we had jumped onto a running train! Lori did a wonderful job giving us ideas about how to address many of the issues that come up around internet use.

Lori ended her inspiring talk by mentioning the health risks of using our cell phones. I am sure every one of us in the audience did not take their phone into the bedroom that night!

Parent Association – where do we go from here?
Two dozen parents and staff gathered in Huckleberry Hall on Thursday evening to share dinner, conversation, and ideas for the renewal of the Parent Association. Led by parent Tolis Dimopoulos, the group brainstormed responses to “The Parents Association is….” and then engaged in lively discussion around the range of answers shared. Building community, providing information on school issues, and supporting our educational program were some of the notions offered.

The next meeting will be held in mid-January, please watch for more information. This will be a great opportunity to continue the dialogue about parent leadership, as well as enjoy a meal and conversation with other SWS parents.

Additional opportunities to participate in the life of our community are coming up over the next week and all are welcome:

Inspire Planning Meeting on Tuesday, November 19 at 7 pm in Huckleberry Hall at the grade school campus. Help us plan for Inspire on March 22.

WHOLE Work Party on Sunday, November 24 from 1 – 5 pm at the grade school campus. Help us plant flowers, shrubs and trees in the Daffodil play yard and around campus! Children are welcome if they are supervised by an adult. Please RSVP and if you have any questions, contact sgarton@seattlewaldorf.org. WHOLE = Waldorf Helpers of the Outdoor Learning Environment

Grandparents Day
We look forward to welcoming grandparents to the high school and the grade school during the week of Thanksgiving, on 11/25 and 11/27 respectively. If you would like to help make their visit special, email Muffie Signalness at development@seattlewaldorf.org.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
Tracy and Nettie