End of Week Update – 4/4/14

April 04, 2014 in Inside SWS

How wonderful it is to see the sunshine!

We hope the weather will also cooperate this Sunday, when 18 of our high school students will be performing at 2 pm on the stage of the Mural Amphitheater.  The SWS World Music Ensemble – the 1 O’Clock Band – is again participating in the World Rhythm Festival at the Seattle Center.  (Admission is free.)

You may have already seen notices for the yearly “Screen-Free Week” from May 5 – 11; for more information, click here.  We will be publicizing this on our Facebook page – if you are on Facebook, we invite you to ‘like’ the post (and the SWS page) and share it with others.

You may also enjoy some of the articles below, which confirm so much of what we do here at SWS.  I am especially pleased to see the value of knitting explained in two science magazines.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


P.S.  In case you are wondering, Tracy is having a marvelous time visiting Rome!


We will post links to these articles on Facebook as well to make it easy to spread the word.