End of Week Update – 5/2/14

May 08, 2014 in Inside SWS

Spring – or is it summer? – is here! It has been wonderful to enjoy sunny blue skies and warm temperatures for the past few days. I have my fingers crossed the predictions for tomorrow are a bit off and the lovely weather will simply extend through our May Faire festival. This celebration brings a busy week to an end, which for me included a number of highlights. I thought I might share just a few:

  • Ultimate frisbee players in grades 7-12 played long and hard in the annual Spring Reign tournament last week, chalking up some great wins and even more important, a lot of fun. The official tournament program highlighted our community’s outstanding volunteer participation, thanking “Seattle Waldorf School, whose parents volunteer at a higher rate than any other Spring Reign school.” Many thanks to the wonderful folks who make this program possible: our inspiring coaches Larry Uhlman, René Dubay, Hans Frederick, David Steiner, Tomas Campomanes, and Autumn Tocchi, and our amazing Ultimate coordinators Natalie Steiner and Robyn Komachi!
  • I enjoyed immensely watching our 8th graders take the stage with the Special Interest presentations on Monday and Tuesday evenings. From Irish dancing to combustion engines to the evolution of evolution, students engaged the audience from start to finish. This is one of my favorite events of the year – as are the Senior Projects coming up in two weeks – where the impact of a Waldorf education is so visibly demonstrated and celebrated.
  • Nettie and I gathered for tea at Kinderhaus with a handful of parents on Thursday – these mornings offer an opportunity for parents to bring questions and ideas forward, and always generate interesting conversation. From a parent new to Waldorf education came the request, “Tell me about gnomes.” I eagerly listened to Nettie’s response (it’s a question I have had as well). “The natural world around us is showing us right now the forces that have been working diligently over the past months. We see flowers blooming and leaves unfolding on tree limbs. The spring is the season where we can experience the work of these so-called elemental beings the most. They help harmonize the earth. The young children are especially connected with these forces in nature and they experience them much more than we do as adults. Many times the little ones will surprise us with their nature wisdom, remarks they’ll make during walks or while being in nature. A ‘sense’ we, unfortunately, have lost.” Watching the kindergartners wave goodbye as they gaily headed to Woodland Park, I felt a deep nostalgia for my childhood days of playing in the woods next door to my house, and appreciation for this gift our parents are giving their little ones.

Coming up:

  • May Faire at the grade school campus tomorrow (10 am – 3 pm – bring your picnic lunch!). Please park in the church parking lot – thank you.
  • The 10th grade class will be biking in the San Juans Tuesday through Friday, in conjunction with their Mechanics block.
  • On Tuesday non-profits throughout the area will benefit from the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG day. A portion of gifts made to Seattle Waldorf School through the foundation’s website will be matched – please consider supporting our students on that day!
  • Please mark your calendars for the Senior Project Festival on Thursday, May 15 (4 – 8 pm) and Friday, May 16 (1 – 8 pm). This is a wonderful opportunity to support and celebrate our 12th grade class as they begin to move into the world.

Hope to see you tomorrow at May Faire!