Grade 9 Why Learn Chinese Contest Winners

Grade 9 Students Place in 2020 “Why Learn Chinese” Competition

January 31, 2020 in Inside SWS

Thirteen Seattle Waldorf High School students in grade 9 and grade 10 submitted photos to the 2020 “Why Learn Chinese” essay and photography competition organized by the Washington Association for American and Chinese Education (WAACE). Some contestants submitted images captured during travel in China, and others captured images from cultural activities in Chinese classes. Of the 352 pieces submitted to the competition, five of our grade 9 students placed! Students shared their impressions and inspirations around this experience.

Thor: Second Place, CalligraphyThor — “Exploring Chinese Calligraphy,” Second Place

“This photo is exploring the aspects of Chinese calligraphy. Why I chose to take this photo was because I have always loved Chinese culture and I find it very interesting, especially Chinese calligraphy which you can see in this photo. Also the completely different way of speaking and writing is extremely interesting and eye-catching to me.”




Piper: Third Place, LilyPiper — “Lily,” Third Place

“This is a picture that I took for the Chinese photography competition. The photo is of one of my dear friends, Lily. She is dressed in a traditional Chinese dress, Qipao, and spinning the red handkerchief which used in traditional Northeast Errenzhuan dance. I really enjoyed participating in this year’s WAACE photo contest and learned a lot about the Chinese New Year and culture. Thank you so much to the WAACE for giving me third place out of so many contestants!”




Natalie: Honorable MentionNatalie, Honorable Mention

“I chose to learn Mandarin Chinese so I could understand more of the culture, people, clothing, music, and economy. I also chose to learn Mandarin Chinese because I am adopted from somewhere in China, and so I wish to learn about the country that I am from.”

Ethan: Honorable MentionEthan, Honorable Mention

“Tea is a big part of Chinese culture. This picture shows the beauty of tea up close, along with the incredibly precise details that go into the cup. The reason I chose to take this picture is that I’ve always enjoyed tea, and the culture that goes along with it.”

Noah, Honorable MentionNoah, Honorable Mention

“I find that when learning another language and learning about their culture, I’m not only being taught about that culture but I’m also being taught about the whole world and how it differs from country to country. This could not be more true with Mandarin class. As we learn the language, we also learn about the Chinese culture. We also participated in a competition between the surrounding schools who teach Chinese. It was not only fun to learn about Chinese instruments and traditions, it was also fun to take pictures with my friends.”