Distance Learning

 One of the underlying tenets of Waldorf education is the emphasis on human connection. This unique education is also naturally flexible and innovative to meet the needs and challenges of our times. Today we face a dichotomous need to sustain human connection and community while maintaining social and physical distance. Our Side by Side (preschool and kindergarten) and Beyond the Classroom (grade 1 through grade 12) distance learning programs embrace and reflect our pedagogical capacity to respond to this need. In the spirit of learning, courage, and joy, our faculty has collaborated with enthusiasm and imagination to bring our vibrant curriculum into your home.

None of us imagined that a pandemic would change our world to the degree it has. But this is our world, and it is our moment of opportunity. If we approach the changes we face with hope and resilience, what we stand to learn together and apart might be nothing short of magnificent.  

Our distance programs are built upon the following principles:

  • Connection — We affirm that the value of relationship remains at the core of our school and supports students in their learning. We seek to deepen our ties in new ways.
  • Predictability — In a sea of constant change, we develop rhythms that sustain and nourish student development. We strive to communicate adjustments and align expectations.
  • Flexibility — The distance learning format requires teachers to reshape lessons and re-imagine their teaching, students to participate with greater openness and independence, and parents to provide support as never before. 
  • Empowerment  — This may be the challenge of our lifetimes, and it is a formative experience for our students. We continue to build and trust in their capacities to thrive in a changed world, creating their own bright futures.

Parents receive regular communication about assignments and can schedule time to speak with teachers. See the overviews below for more information about our distance learning programs.

Online Curriculum Overviews