Extended Day

After Hours

For many families and children, the school day does not end at three o’clock. These programs offer Seattle Waldorf students opportunities for enrichment and play with friends in familiar spaces.

Opportunities beyond the School Day

From preschool through eighth grade, we offer additional care and supervision in a safe, nurturing environment. Our care and activity providers are Waldorf-trained teachers or teachers-in-training, who receive comprehensive support and mentorship.

Peruse our Calendars page to see the variety of Extended Day activities that we offer at each campus.

  • Early Childhood Aftercare

    For these young children, a period of rest and quiet activity provides “down time” that is indispensable to their balanced daily rhythm. Storytelling, rest, and healthy snacks are followed by age-appropriate arts and crafts, and there is always plenty of time for free play.

    Our Aftercare activities complement our Early Childhood programs, bringing the same level of attention to the needs and rhythms of students during the extended day as they have in the morning.

    Hours are 3:00 – 5:00 or 5:30 p.m. (depending on class) – contact Annie Paladino.

  • Grade School Extended Day Overview

    All children staying on campus after dismissal are part of the Extended Day community, whether they’re playing a sport, joining a club or in Aftercare.

    • During outside dismissal, students are signed out and released to the Extended Day leader.
    • After a healthy snack and some free play, students are released to their respective activity leaders, or they continue in Aftercare.

    Available at our Meadowbrook campus.

  • Grade School Aftercare

    Our Aftercare program offers both a warm and home-like environment, designed to provide a slower pace and caring atmosphere after a busy school day, as well as more vigorous games and activities. Activities include: bread-baking, gardening, crafts, dress-up, imaginative play, and supervised outdoor play including kickball, throw and catch games, and plenty of free play. There is access to board games, building materials (for both outdoor and indoor building projects), woodworking tools, and materials for arts and crafts.

    Peruse our Extended Day calendars to see our current offerings of clubs.  (Note that you can choose different calendar views on the right hand side.)

    Aftercare is open to students in Grades 1-5 and ends at 5:30 pm.

  • Grade School Extended Day Clubs and Activities

    All SWS-sponsored after-school activities and groups are considered part of Extended Day.

    Most activities meet once a week, although athletic teams and performance groups may meet more often. Offerings vary from year to year, and additional programs may be added throughout the year.

    Peruse our Extended Day calendars to see our current offerings.  (Note that you can choose different calendar views on the right hand side.)  View registration and pricing information.

  • Break Care

    Break Care is available for students age five through fifth grade for a limited number of days. Activities complement our school curriculum in a warm and relaxed environment. We offer healthy snacks, and children bring their own lunch, just as on school days.

  • Contact Us

    For questions about our Meadowbrook and Kinderhaus campus programs:

    Contact Dustin Vail, dvail@seattlewaldorf.org, 206.524.5320 ×4041