High School

Rethinking Thinking

As we move from an age of information and technology into one of ideas and innovation, high schoolers face a new academic and social landscape.
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Focused Learning through Creative Thinking

Education is no longer primarily a means for obtaining a career.

In our high school, we prepare students for life—by fostering adaptability, ingenuity and creativity. For the better part of a century, Waldorf education has been drawing out and nurturing these qualities in young people, helping them cultivate the very skills necessary for success in today’s changing world.

High schoolers grapple with life’s deepest questions while:

  • Building upon the curiosity and compassion they developed as young children.
  • Developing emotional maturity and confidence.
  • Exploring extracurricular travel, athletic competition and a variety of clubs.
  • Igniting passion for life-long learning that enables them to grow, adapt and thrive.

Grounded in the classics, academic courses expose students to the great ideas of humankind, the events that shaped civilizations, the beauty of mathematics, the power of the arts, and the phenomena of the scientific world. By graduation, seniors truly know themselves and are ready to make a difference in the world.

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