Student Life

A Day in the Life

In high school, every day begins with a two-hour period in a core subject such as science, math or humanities. And that’s just the start…

Morning Lessons Include:

  • Grade 9: Revolutions, Geology, Current Events, Organic Chemistry, Possibility & Probability, Anatomy, Thermodynamics, History through Art, Comedy & Tragedy
  • Grade 10: Hydrology, Acids & Bases, Flowering of English, Practical Trigonometry, Embryology, Poetics, Civics, Mechanics, Grade 10 Play
  • Grade 11: Astronomy, Renaissance to Enlightenment, Electricity & Magnetism, Shakespeare, Periodic Table, Modern Literature, Parzival, Cartesian Geometry, Botany
  • Grade 12: Transcendentalism, Zoology, Optics, History through Architecture, World Religion, Mathematical Physics, Senior Play, Biochemistry, Ecology of Puget Sound

Morning lesson is followed by a series of 45-minute classes in math, science, world language (Spanish and Chinese/Mandarin), humanities, PE, eurythmy, art, music ensembles, and choir.

See a sample weekly schedule of classes.

See the calendar of current extra-curricular activities. (Note that you can choose different views on the right hand side.)

Outdoor & Environmental Education

Students experience the natural world, understand the value of teamwork, and build self-confidence. Adventure trips and outdoor experiences are milestones our students look forward to throughout their high school journey.

  • Grade 9: Cascades Backpacking Trip, Farm Service Trip
  • Grade 10: Hydrology Trip, Bike Trip
  • Grade 11: Backpacking, Forestry Trip
  • Grade 12: Zoology Trip, Senior Rafting Trip

Teachers, Advisers, Sponsors, & Staff

Our high school students are truly “seen” and known by every adult in the high school. As faculty and staff, we devote our full attention every day to the well-being of every student in our school. Teachers know each student’s strengths, abilities and temperament, and are able to expertly teach to the individual.

Advisers guide and support students throughout their four-year journey. Class Sponsors regularly meet with students and parents to create unity and foster communication within each grade level.

A Close-Knit Community

In our high school, friendships extend beyond class boundaries. Our students are kind and fun-loving; our school environment is healthy, supportive, and safe. Some classes take place in smaller groups and others as a whole school, yet the majority of our courses are designed for the entire grade level.

Leadership Opportunities & Lunchtime Clubs

  • Student Council
  • Spirit Club
  • Service Club
  • Yearbook Club
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Club

After-School Extracurricular Activities

  • Robotics Club
  • Drama Club
  • Eurythmy Club
  • Fall Sports
    • Boys’ Ultimate Frisbee
    • Co-ed Running Club
  • Winter Sports
    • Boys’ Basketball
    • Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee
    • Co-ed Running Club
  • Spring Sports
    • Girls’ Ultimate Frisbee
    • Co-ed Running Club

See the calendar of current extracurricular activities.  (Note that you can choose different views at the right side of the window.)