Mission & Values

Our Mission

Daily we strive to inspire learning, courage, and joy in the developing human being.

Our Values

  • We are an educational community working out of cooperation and mutual respect.
  • We are guided by the educational philosophy and understanding of the developing human being articulated by Rudolf Steiner.
  • We believe artistic activity is essential to the education of the human being.
  • We cultivate wonder and curiosity through engagement with the natural world.
  • We celebrate the innate reverence and joy of an unhurried and naturally developing childhood.
  • We actively engage the striving adolescent in order to promote the unfolding of the free and confident adult.

Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders

We live in a time of rapid change. What is innovative today will be obsolete tomorrow. At Seattle Waldorf, a new kind of thinker sees possibility where others see only limits.

A New Kind of Thinker

Progress calls for new ideas, fresh perspectives and an abundance of imagination.

Seattle Waldorf School is building the character and creative intellect of tomorrow’s leaders.

  • We believe our students are holistic beings of mind, body and spirit.
  • We believe in cultivating a child’s academic knowledge, artistic capabilities and practical worldly skills in an experiential curriculum.
  • We put a premium on exploration, passion and individuality vs. reducing student achievement to a percentage or standardized assessment.
  • We believe that rigorous academics must be imbued with spirit and joy, and that inspiration outshines memorization.
  • We believe in a new kind of thinker—one who sees possibility where others see limits, who solves problems with empathy and creativity, and who shines with unquenchable curiosity.


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