Preparing for Life

December 19, 2013 in Inside SWS

In the last 48 hours more than a dozen people have sent me a link to Preparing for Life, a new video on Waldorf education. I have watched it nearly as many times. I am not a YouTube junkie, and generally forgo watching the most comical/heart-wrenching/choose your adjective video that goes viral. And I am certainly not one to take up the “you have to watch this” mantra. Until now.

Our colleagues at the Waldorf School of the Peninsula have produced a stunningly beautiful and compelling articulation of the value of Waldorf education. Featuring commentary from teachers across grade levels, Silicon Valley executives, university professors, Waldorf graduates, and others, this 17-minute film captures in music, words and images the essence of a child’s Waldorf journey. Simply put, it prepares him or her for life.

A few notable comments and questions you will hear:

  • It reminds me of what childhood used to be.
  • What do you wish for your child in 20 years?
  • To know the world is to know the self – and to know the self is to know the world.
  • Waldorf education focuses on building capacities, rather than just skills.
  • You see the child, and there is your curriculum.
  • I look for resilience, creativity and adaptability in employees.
  • But can you think, collaborate and communicate?

Without apology or humility, I would ask – almost beg – you to set aside time this weekend, perhaps with a cup of hot tea, and allow yourself to be lifted up by this artistic work. It will leave you appreciative and proud of our collective commitment to providing an extraordinarily unique experience for children at Seattle Waldorf School. A parent in the video sums it up by saying, “In the long run what you want is a healthy, happy 35 year-old. No one is really going to remember what your 4th grader got in math.”

You have to watch this. And enjoy a wonderful weekend!