Community Fund

Not Your Ordinary Education.
Different for All the Right Reasons.

Writing and illustrating a personal textbook. Knitting. Direct observation of scientific phenomena. Three world languages. These are several ways that we are different for all the right reasons. And this distinctive and extraordinary Waldorf Education is only possible thanks to the generosity of our community.

Your Contribution Supports Unique Programs and Exceptional Faculty

Gifts to the Community Fund provide crucial support to the school in areas that we can deeply about. For example:

  • We have raised faculty salaries by nearly 20% over the past three years.
  • We have expanded our outdoor, learning support, gardening, extracurricular and music programs.
  • We have expanded and improved our learning spaces, including early childhood and playground areas.
  • We continue to offer a generous financial aid program to support families in need of tuition assistance, with more than one third of families receiving support
  • We provide robust support for professional development for faculty and staff, encouraging continued learning and growth.

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Joy $5,000+
Leadership $2,500+
Courage $1,000+
Wonder $500+
Confidence up to $499

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