Sharlyn Turner Fund

Honoring Sharlyn

I am truly heartbroken to share the news of Sharlyn Turner’s passing. Sharlyn has been our Board Chair for three years and I have been fortunate to serve as her Vice Chair during that time. Her work at SWS has included serving on the Board of Trustees for seven years, chairing the Finance Committee, and serving on the Strategic Planning committee. Sharlyn guided the school in a time of change and really allowed the school to become a stronger institution that will be able to provide Waldorf education for generations. Her contribution has been immense and she will be truly missed. Curt Eckman, February 2, 2018

In honor of Sharlyn's deep commitment to Waldorf education and invaluable service to Seattle Waldorf School, we have established the Sharlyn Turner Fund for Faculty Wellness and Renewal.

This fund will support opportunities that promote and sustain the well being of SWS faculty.

The Sharlyn Turner Fund will provide grants to faculty members to pursue areas of interest or activities that encourage personal growth and lifelong learning.