Thanksgiving Wishes

December 03, 2013 in Inside SWS

Dear Parents,

This morning we filled Huckleberry Hall with more than 90 grandparents and special friends – good thing our building is larger! It was a wonderful celebration of our new spaces, our wonderful students, and the transforming experiences that happen in our classrooms each day. Monday saw two dozen visitor to the high school for a similar morning of learning and sharing. The last few weeks have been filled with lantern walks and a campus work party; in the days ahead we look forward to Winter Faire, advent spirals and the Shepherds’ Play, as we move into this lovely season of reflection and giving thanks.

This fall our faculty and staff engaged in a study of gratitude, one of three fundamental human virtues Steiner calls us to consider in our work with children. His writings are plentiful and deep, and I often feel fortunate to leave with a nugget of understanding from my forays into his lectures. A “takeway” for me from my reading this fall was the notion of “universal gratitude toward the world.” Steiner wrote that while of paramount importance, this gratitude “need not always be in one’s consciousness, it may simply live in the background of one’s feeling life.” He offers that we can experience this thankfulness upon entering a beautiful meadow of flowers, or catching the sunrise at dawn. I had a conversation with a parent yesterday in which she shared that just taking time to feel and express her gratitude to those around has literally changed her life. I think this is a glimpse into what Steiner envisioned.

In that spirit of gratitude and thanks, I’ll share a wonderful video about the role expressing gratitude plays in experiencing happiness. I encourage you to take a minute (actually 7:14) and watch it – it will bring both tears and a smile. It is a wonderful reminder of the power of gratitude, and how we can bring real happiness to others and to ourselves with by simply saying thank you.

Wishing you and your families a Thanksgiving filled with joy and gratitude!

P.S. Be sure and take a look at the recent issue of Waldorf Today featuring Seattle Waldorf School and our grade school renovation!